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    Jessica Dumas' Portfolio :: My love for butterflies is apparent by the name of my website, my logo, some of my books, and the name of my business. That's why I'm called "The Butterfly Lady!" I love to write poems and stories that are butterfly related and I hope you enjoy them. You can see more of my work on my portfolio website at www.jessicajdumas.com.

    Butterfly Blessings :: A nonprofit organization that I created to uplift the elderly by sending encouraging cards and letters.

    A Blog on Life's Changes :: My blog is on dealing with the challenges of life's changes. Check me out.


The Butterfly Connection is owned by Jessica Dumas, who has been in business since 2002. Before opening her business, she worked for various firms as a document specialist and/or administrative assistant for over 25 years. Even though she could retire now, she has chosen not to because she enjoys working and wishes to continue contributing her expertise to help others. Because of her love for butterflies, she is referred to as "The Butterfly Lady."


Jessica has been certified by Microsoft as an expert in Word and has over 20 years of experience with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. She types about 65 wpm with a high rate of accuracy. In the last few years, she has also become a professional writer working for different online freelance services. You can see samples of Jessica's work in her portfolio at www.jessicajdumas.com.

Jessica has a team working for her who can help out with customer service, data entry, proofreading, doing research on the internet, and more. She will call on them to help with your requests as needed and their rates are a bit lower than hers. 

Others on TBC Team

Lorissa Joyner has a background in customer service and has worked as the supervisor for a telemarketing firm. She has also had experience in sales for different firms with a record of having a knack for selling just about anything. She has been helping TBC part-time for about two years while going to school to get her bachelor's so she can be a counselor. 

Walter Dumas also has a background in customer service for a phone company. He has also worked in the food industry as shift manager for fast food companies. He enjoys the technical side of work and comes in very handy with setting up web sites and doing data entry.

We have checked out other virtual assistant services who have rates that are higher than ours so give us a chance to show you we can do a great job for less. 

Our rates are reasonable from $10 to $30 per hour and writing is charged by the word or project. The cost for many projects will depend on the technical knowledge or research needed and the detail needed in such things as graphics.. See the "Rates" page for an idea of what your project will cost. We will do our best to estimate how long a project will take. You can read testimonies from clients who recommend The Butterfly Connection on the "Testimonies" page. 


Check out the "Samples of Work" page for some images of our work and "Books & Poems" for links to Jessica's books on Amazon. Go to "Other Products" for a link to Jessica's new blog website, her new Facebook page, and her most recent project of an educational video course on monarch butterflies. 

If you have any questions, go to the "Contact Us" page to send an email.

Thank you for visiting the Butterfly Connection!

Have a Blessed Day,

Jessica Dumas



My new blog is about life's changes that we all go through. It will start out with my story on how my life was full of changes when I was in my 20s while being married to a man who started having mental problems in his early 20s. The one good thing that came out of that relationship was my lovely daughter who went through a lot more changes than any child should have to suffer through. 

This blog won't just be about the changes my daughter and I went through. It will be on different types of changes that many of us have gone through. To get there you can just click on the above title A BLOG ON LIFE'S CHANGES.

The Changes logo is a butterfly made of different colors of hearts like the different colors of people that all have changes.
The Changes logo is a butterfly made of different colors of hearts like the different colors of people that all have changes.


I have a Facebook page called "Changes" that goes along with my blog as well as any kind of changes you happen to be going through. It has positive sayings and quotes placed on beautiful butterfly photos to help people deal with life changes. You can go to that page by clicking here.If your changes are getting you down, check it out!


Another thing you may enjoy is to learn about the monarch butterflies by watching  "Monarch Butterfly 3.0 Online Course" on YouTube produced by How Expert. It is a two-hour course that I wrote, designed, and narrated in PowerPoint. It is on the monarch metamorphosis, their magnificent migrations, how and why their population is declining, what you can do to help save them, why we depend on them as pollinators, along with everything else you would ever want to know about the monarchs. The course costs just $19.99 and is well worth it to anyone interested in knowing just about everything there is to know about the monarchs.  

I will be adding more poems and will announce whenever I publish a new book on the "Books & Poems" page. Any new video or other projects will be on this page. Please feel free to comment on anything you read here or have questions on by sending me an email on the Contact Us page.

Wishing you many butterfly blessings!